Library Poetry Contest Winners

We had 59 entries! The top 3 winners poems are below.

Poetry Contest Winners
From left to right:
1st Place: Minette Santarcangelo
2nd Place: Todd Cragg
3rd Place: Dana Byars

SPICE – 1st place

By: Minnette Santarcangelo

Fields of sunflowers dancing through my mind

Wooden hearts pulsate, feral to the core

The hand on my belly, cords sizzling, sways to the rhythm

Holding hands drifting with the evening’s breeze

Exploring the unknown reveals bounded desires

Dimensional petals slowly open, synergy flows, pleasures unfold

Spicy tongues indulge, surrender to the night’s mystical call

The drapes fall, peace claims all

IN YOUR GARDEN – 2nd Place

By: Todd Cragg

Take me to a place, a place far away,

Where the iris blooms and the trees sway;

In the gentle breeze, just take me away,

Leave behind my thoughts of the past;

Make new memories, ones that will last,

A lifetime, from this day forward I pray,

I pray I stay in one’s presence so true,

As pure as the newborn lamb, a life anew;

May togetherness unfold a new blossom,

And explode new lives with a mirroring goal,

May we touch the depths, the deepness of the soul;

With delight and tenderness of the rose’s petal,

As the green grass thickens on the fertile sod,

May I ever be thankful for a loving God;

One who’s mastery encompasses me this day,

I come to your garden, my wish is to stay;

My strength this day is vitally renewed,

I hear a voice, I see one so dear, so near,

I entrust her into my life, the risk I must take,

To find the desires of my heart, and she with I,

Side by side in your garden of fresh flowers;

Continue to place good things in our paths,

All the days of our lives. Amen.


By: Dana Byars

The insanity of summer

Is over

It’s almost time to sleep

It’s cooling down so we can rest

And sew what we must reap

The seeds have all been planted

There’s nothing right or wrong

But when the frost begins to burn

We’ll know where we belong….


I've seen some things, man. And some stuff....I wouldn't recommend it.

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